10 Must-watch Chinese Movies & TV Series for Mandarin Learners

Wendy Chang 張雅鈞✈️
5 min readJun 5, 2021

Originally, it was just a question from a friend who I haven’t got a chance to meet in person. He asked me: Could you recommend some mandarin TV series or movies? Especially from Taiwan mandarin.

I was going to give him a list of Netflix and HBO shows via Instagram instant message. But then I think: why not put it into a list and share it on my blog so that everyone can use it?

Hey Robin, her is the list.

  1. (TV) 火神的眼淚 Tears on Fire @Netflix
    Why: The hottest TV series in Tiwan recently (May-June 2021).
    Plot: It tells the story of firefighters and emergency team in Da-yuan City (doesn’t exist in Taiwan), how they rescue people from fireplace and car accident site. The problems and ostcales they face in everyday routine.
    Highlight: The series reflects Taiwanese society and people vividly and points out lot of local problems. Some may not think it is a good idea to share foreign friends this series, but I think you can learn the “not-that-cute” part of us.
  2. (TV) 誰是被害者 The Victims’ Game @Netflix
    One of the coolest local thriller
    Plot: the story revolves around the forensic scientist with Asperger’s syndrome Fang Yi-jen and the investigative journalist Hsu Hai-yin , investigating a case involving Fang Yi-jen’s daughter.
    Highlight: the plot is intense and it involves topics including gender equiality, labor right, and mental illness.
  3. (TV) 通靈少女 The Teenage Psychic @HBO Asia
    Why: the portray of Taiwanese local temple Culture
    Plot: Xie Ya Zhen is a high school student who is born with psychic abilities. At night, she works at the temple as a Xian-gu (仙姑) to help believers.
    Highlight: You can learn why temple culture is an essential part of Taiwanese culture. LGBTQ topic is also discussed in the series.
  4. (TV) 我們與惡的距離 The World Between Us @HBO Max
    Why: the most-acclaimed TV series in Taiwan
    Plot: The story follows the aftermath of a mass shooting where the fates of all parties involved — the killer, the victims, the victims’ families, the media and the defense teams are intertwined.
    Highlight: this TV series was a big hit in Taiwan. The name is also used in many scenarios or re-vised as “我們與__的距離” to describe the distance/world between us and something. The media landscape and envivronment is way…



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